Accommodations & Modifications

Accommodations are changes in materials or procedures that provide access to instruction and assessments for students with disabilities. They are designed to enable students with disabilities to learn without the impediment of their disabilities, and to show their knowledge and skills rather than the effects of their disabilities.

Example Accommodations

  • Books on tape
  • Math charts
  • Additional time (for assignments and/or tests)
  • Preferred seating
  • Braille writer
  • Specialized software
  • And much more!

Modifications refer to changes made to curriculum expectations in order to meet the needs of the student. Modifications are made when the expectations are beyond the students level of ability. Modifications may be minimal or very complex depending on the student performance. Modifications must be clearly acknowledged in the IEP.

Example Modifications

  • Shortened Assignments: May allow fewer correct responses for similar grade and/or reduce the length of the assignment
  • Enrichment: May provide hands-on learning experiences, uses independent study experiences and provides student aids (hints, cue cards, guides and/or calculators)
  • Test Modifications: May reduce the number of exams, allow open book exams, allow more time to complete, reduce the length of the exam, allow take-home tests and substitute an assignment for a test
  • And much more!

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