Happy Birthday Families Together

I first met Chris Curry when she was working as a music therapist at TARC pre-school.  I think I was a little jealous of her, at first, because she was my son’s first “true love.”  I always knew he was a flirt but I was not prepared for him to give his heart away at the age of four.  I soon realized that Eli would love any and all girls who carried a guitar in their hand and a song in their heart.

Chris eventually became Eli’s full time teacher in USD 501.  She discovered ways to communicate and understand him that I never knew were possible.  When you hear her songs about Eli, she tells how he would “listen to a Beethoven symphony” and that he “simply won’t obey.”  But with all the problems I am sure he created for her, the truth is, she loved him as well.

Thirty years ago, Chris founded Families Together Inc.  We were lucky enough to be a part of that first enrichment event.  I remember being in a relaxation session where all the women learned how to breathe.

deep, let go of anxiety and lessen our stress.  The men, on the other hand, fell fast asleep and were snoring by the time the session was over.  I also remember meeting people who carried a similar burden.  Together we were not alone in our efforts to want the best for our children.

The fact that this organization is still going strong after 30 years is proof that Families Together was a program that was much needed.  They helped me gain the confidence I needed to stand up for the rights of my child.  My hope is that you continue your great work for another 30 years.

Happy Birthday, Families Together!

Chris & Eli Burns

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