Having a great time at a Family Enrichment Weekend.

We empower parents by providing an understanding of the special education and health care process, communication strategies, effective teaming, and by accessing resources available to meet a child’s unique needs.

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Mom called very upset regarding the schools unwillingness to evaluate son with significant mental health needs. The next day she called back and said that “After all the struggles, I got one name (referred from army) and one phone number (Families Together, Inc.) and suddenly everything feels better. I know I am not alone in this.”
The teacher wanted to say thank you for our (Families Together, Inc.) support of an 18 year old during his IEP meeting. Teacher stated that the student said he ‘thought the meeting was about him and that he felt like his voice was heard.” Teacher said the student was finally empowered and mom (also at the meeting) is doing better to help her son advocate for himself.
 “Things are going great. You (Families Together, Inc.) gave me the information I needed when I needed it. I know you (Families Together, Inc.) will be there when I need you. Everything is going well and my son is doing amazing, thanks for always being there.”
Thank you, Families Together for all you have done over the years. My family attended several of the very first Enrichment Weekends at the Holidome in Lawrence – MANY years ago. I started out as a sibling and then volunteered as a counselor when I was in college. My brother died 26 years ago but I still remember those fantastic times at the Families Together weekends!

These are a few of the stories families have shared about their journey to becoming effective members of their child’s educational and medical team. Share your Family’s Story! contactus@familiestogetherinc.org

Family Empowerment Stories

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