The words ring in your ears, “He will never talk,, have normal eye contact or be a functioning member of the family. Be prepared to place him in a home when he’s in his teens.” or “She’s lazy, unmotivated and refuses to participate in class. She doesn’t pay attention and is constantly moving. Why can’t she apply herself?

Boy taking a break during the 2010 Topeka Family Enrichment Weekend.

    Many families begin their journey through the “world of disabilities” with similar hopeless predictions. Families struggle, believing in their hearts that although their children have disabilities, they have gifts to share.
    When an infant or a toddler is diagnosed, the family’s roller coaster ride through the world of disabilities begins as the words “never”, “cannot”, “different”, “disabled” and “special” fill the air.
    There are no road maps for families, yet for more than 25 years, Families Together, Inc., has encouraged, educated and empowered Kansas families, which include children with disabilities.
    Typically, families discover resources when they meet someone who has walked in similar shoes? The real experts are those who have taken like paths.
    Families Together, Inc.’s Board of Directors and staff members are parents, siblings or appointed education advocates of individuals who have disabilities. Our diverse strengths and experiences provide a wealth of information concerning resources and services available to individuals with disabilities.
    By understanding the special education process, communication strategies, effective teaming, and by accessing resources available to meet a child’s unique needs, more families throughout Kansas can enable their children to reach their families personal goals.

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