2021 Virtual Family Employment Awareness Training

The Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) is for Kansas families, youth/young adults who have disabilities and individuals who serve and support them.

For ten years, Families Together has hosted in-person FEAT trainings. This year we are excited to offer a new interactive virtual format. We hope you will join us for this FREE training as we share

  • information about the services, programs and supports available to support gaining and maintaining employment for youth/young adults who have disabilities, and
  • how to utilize person-centered planning to individualize the employment outcomes.

Attendees will have an opportunity to explore talents, strengths and interests using person-centered planning to discover outside the box job possibilities. Families who attend five of six sessions as part of the series (i.e. Spanish or July) will receive a gift card.


Building the Dream of Employment: “Outside the Box” Job Possibilities

  • Session 1: A New Path: Exploring “Outside the Box Job Possibilities” Using Supported and Customized Employment
  • Session 2: Individualizing Employment Possibilities: The Family and Community’s Role and Transition to Adulthood and the IEP
  • Session 3: Kansas Stories of Employment Success Panel 

Identifying and Accessing Employment Resources

Overview of the services, programs, supports and other information to support gaining and maintaining employment

  • Session 4: You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: Supports Available for Employees & Employers
  • Session 5: Working and Maintaining Needed Benefits
  • Session 6: Agencies and Resources Panel

Bonus Youth & Family Session: Individualized person centered planning with youth and their family members who attend sessions 1-3. Youth who attend sessions 1-3 and the bonus session will receive a gift card. Must attend sessions as part of one of the webinar series (i.e. January or July).


Register for Our July FEAT

  • July 8th – Session 1
  • July 13 – Session 2
  • July 15 – Session 3
  • July 20 – Bonus Family & Youth Session
  • July 22 – Session 4
  • July 27 – Session 5
  • July 29 – Session 6

All sessions will be from 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Employment is possible for youth/young adults who have disabilities!

The goals of FEAT are to:

  • Increase expectations for competitive employment of the young adult with a disability
  • Increase knowledge of state and federal resources to support the employment of the young adult

Benefits to Students, Families, Schools, and Teachers

Youth and Young Adults who have Disabilities

  • gain knowledge of supports and services
  • brainstorm possible employment options
  • learn self-advocacy skills related to employment
  • gain an understanding of disability disclosure


  • increase understanding of transition to employment and knowledge of resources to support post-secondary employment of their youth
  • network with other families going through transition
  • meet representatives from various employment resources in your community
  • plan for transition and employment meetings
  • participate in follow-up technical assistance meetings 
  • learn about “outside the box” customized employment possibilities


  • receive free, up-to-date, in-service training for special education teachers and staff


  • gain knowledge of the adult service systems
  • learn about “outside the box” customized employment possibilities
  • plan with families and young adults, increasing successful transition to adulthood and family involvement
  • meet representatives from various employment resources in your community
  • learn more how to support students with various needs to be competitively employed