How We Can Help

Families Together, Inc. assists parents/families and their sons and daughters with disabilities and/or special health care needs from birth through age 26 in many ways, including:

  • Individualized assistance over the phone and in-person to families who have questions about their child’s education and health care;
  • Individualized assistance for families and transition age youth to better understand and access educational services, programs, health plans, and other resources;
  • Information related to specific disabilities and/or special health conditions;
  • Connect parents with other parents who have traveled similar paths through our Parent-to-Parent program;
  • Training geared to increase knowledge and advocacy skills, and to improve collaboration and partnerships between families and professionals; and,
  • Information regarding agencies, organizations, and community resources.

Families Together staff provide parents/families and transition age youth one-to-one assistance, training, resources and tools at no cost to families. These services are available in English and Spanish. Our mission is to encourage, educate, and empower families to be effective advocates for their children.

We are dedicated to a society that includes, and values all people, Encourages, Educates and Empowers families that include child/youth disabilities.