How We Help

Families Together, Inc. is here to assist you whether you are just starting out or experiencing a challenge along the way. We provide assistance regarding early intervention, education, health care, transitions, and community resources to support the academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and mental well being of children, youth, and families.

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Individualized Assistance

Get help with your questions and concerns about special education, early childhood, behaviors, bullying, mental health, disability services, transition to adulthood, health care, and more! We are families helping families navigate the various disability resources and systems. We provide information, resources, problem-solving support, and strategies to help parents access and advocate for the support their child needs.

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Parent-to-Parent Support

Parents helping parents has always been the heart of Families Together. Helping families connect with veteran “mentor” parents who have walked a similar path and who understand the challenges of raising a child with a disability or special health care need is a cornerstone of our services. 

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Increase advocacy skills and improve your ability to work with professionals on your child’s educational and medical needs.

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Education Advocate

Make a difference by “stepping into the role” of the parent in special education matters and advocate for the child/student. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for your services?

No. Our services are funded by grants and donations so we can provide free supports and training at no cost to families.

I live in rural Kansas. Can you help?

Yes, we help families across the state.

I want to help other families like mine. How can I do that?

We would love to visit with you about our Parent-to-Parent Program. For more information, visit the Parent-to-Parent Support page.

I am a professional working with a family who has a child with a disability or a special health care need. Can you help me point them in the right direction?

The best way to connect families with us is by sharing our information with them. We can then provide individualized assistance for the family.

Must I be eligible for services to get help from Families Together?

We are here to help any Kansas family whose child has a disability or special health care need, between the ages of 0-26.

My child just received a diagnosis. Where do I start?

Every family’s starting point will be different based on their child and family’s needs. Give us a call and we can help.

How can a Family Resource Specialist help me?

A Family Resource Specialist will visit with you and listen to your concerns. They can help you understand your rights, review your child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), Individualized Education Program (IEP), and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).

What is an Education Advocate?

Education Advocates are volunteers who step into the role of the legal educational decision maker for children whose parents are unknown, unavailable, or whose rights have been terminated. Learn more on our Education Advocate page.

What Our Families are Saying

In an afternoon, I think you have changed my son’s future and my confidence as a mother.

-A Mom 

This site is a great resource for families dealing with disabilities and other challenges. Families Together provides information and encouragement with compassion - thanks for all you do!

They helped me with issues with my son and his school.

I recently had a family tell me what a wondrous level of resources you had for Transition. I agree. You are absolutely one of the most learned content experts on the subject. So grateful for all the information you provide and guidance you give.
-Social Worker at CMH

Thank you so much for the information you sent to me.  It helped me feel more prepared for my daughter’s IEP meeting.

-Mom from Topeka

Every person I have met here at Families Together, Inc. is so kind. Whenever I have any questions, they have helped me, and they have oriented me. They have given me the strength to continue fighting for the welfare of my children.

-A Mom