Empowered Parents Share Stories

We empower parents and transition age youth by providing an understanding of the special education and health care processes, communication strategies, effective teaming, and resources available to meet a child’s unique needs.

Below are a few of the stories families have shared about their journey to becoming effective members of their child’s educational and medical team. Share your Family’s Story! contactus@familiestogetherinc.org

Photo: boys sitting at a table

Family Empowerment Stories

Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

When I agreed to the Parent-to-Parent match with the parents and grandparents of a toddler with cerebral palsy, I wasn’t expecting to meet old friends for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you’re the “supporting parent” or the “supported parent,” there’s...

Finding a Kindred Spirit

Our daughter, Jane, is a Kansas girl who met and fell in love with a young man, John, she met at K-State when he was a foreign exchange student working on his Master’s Degree and she was a senior. John works for a company in Switzerland, which is what took them to...

The Wave: Siblings Our Greatest Teachers

Written by Kathleen Carney at age thirteen. She is sister of Neil Carney, who was then five years old and has autism. Have you ever worked so hard for something and finally got it? That’s what happened to Neil and my mom. Neil is my 5-year-old autistic brother...