IEP Monitoring Checklist

Present Level of Academic Achievement & Functional Performance (PLAAFP)

1. Is there sufficient information on what the child is doing now?

____ strengths

____ needs related to the child’s disability

____ parent concerns

____ interests

2. How does the child’s disability affect his/her access to and progress in the general curriculum?

3. Does the PLAAFP establish a baseline of information about the child?

____ measurable – means observable (you can see it, hear it, count it)

____ functional – means useful in the child’s daily environment

____ identifies any special factors

____ describes both academic and non-academic areas

____ includes results of most recent evaluation or re-evaluation (e.g. formal and informal educational performance data, state and/or district assessments)

Annual Goal(s)

1. What can the child accomplish in 12 months?

____ related to the disability

____ related to the Kansas standards & general curriculum

____ functional

____ measurable

2. Is the goal stated in the following terms:

The child – will do what – to what level/degree?

3. Does the goal apply to a variety of situations and activities?

4. Can you describe the behavior the child will be doing when the goal is reached?

Short Term Objectives/Benchmarks (only required for students who take the alternate assessment)

1. What will the child need to do to achieve each annual goal?

____ at least 2 per each goal

____ a precursor step or building block skill

____ measurable

2. Do the short-term objectives define the intermediate steps to a goal?

The child – will do what – to what level/degree- under what conditions?

3. Do the benchmarks identify major milestones in achieving a goal?

The child – will do what – to what level/degree – by when?