What can I do if my child’s IEP is not working?

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At the IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting, you and the rest of your child’s school team agreed on the services and support to provide your child. This will be written down in the IEP.

What do you do if you realize your child is not getting these services at school?

1. Ask for a copy of your child’s IEP, if you don’t have it.
2. Review the IEP carefully.
3. Answer the 4 questions below to prepare for a meeting with the school.
4. Request an IEP meeting.
5. Attend the IEP meeting.

See more: Advocating for your child at an IEP meeting

Which goals are being followed? How do you know?Which goals are not being followed? How do you know?
Which supports are not working and need to be changed?What are some examples?

I followed all the above steps and nothing got better. What can I do now?

You still have some options:

  • Call Families Together at 800-264-6343Call the Disability Rights Center of Kansas at 877-776-1541
  • Call the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) at 800-203-9462

I want to file a complaint. What happens next?

See our flyer on the formal complaint process here. 

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