By Leia Holley

A long our journey through the world of disabilities we are all touched by true genius. Recently, Merlin shared Verdell Kane’s story. This fall we shared in her loss as one of the wisest young men to grace Kansas City passed away in November 2002.

If you looked into Verdell’s eyes, you’d see hope, compassion but most importantly inspiration. Sadly, Verdell will no longer share these gifts.

A traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident seven years ago didn’t stop his spirit. Verdell was a young man who always looked adversity in the eye with a smile no matter what challenges were placed in his path. He faced them head-on with his family at his side.

This eighteen-year-old Harmon High school graduate was wise beyond his years. No, he couldn’t tell you why E=MC2 but his smile could warm your heart and make you remember to cherish the little things in life. He knew that blowing kisses, giving hugs, smiles and brightening others’ days were the most valuable gifts any one person could give.

Verdell knew the secret of life: growing up doesn’t mean letting go of your inner child. He enjoyed the simple things in life. Verdell helped everyone cherish life’s everyday gifts. He was always the life of the party and was a teenager at heart. He loved music, animals, friends and most importantly his family.