Telehealth Tips – For Your Virtual Visit

Making Your Telehealth Virtual Appointment

When you make your telehealth appointment, find out what virtual platform they use.  It could be zoom, a mobile health app, or through your patient portal. Find out if there is paperwork you will need to fill out, and how to return it. 

Familiarize yourself with the app or platform you will use for your appointment, and make your user account.

The Day Before Your Appointment

Make sure the device you will be using is charged, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or iPad.  You should have a notepad and pencil or pen available to take notes.

Around 20 minutes before your appointment, be in your chosen location.  You should avoid distractions as you will want to have clear communication with your provider.  If the appointment is for your child, have your child within reach so they are available for the provider to interact with them, if needed. 

“Connect” to your appointment and check your speakers, mic, and camera.  Make sure your camera is at eye level so your provider can see you.

During Your Appointment

At the beginning of your appointment, ask your provider if there is a call back number in case you are disconnected.

Report any concerns you are having, or any difficulties doing normal daily activities.  Ask any questions you have, and listen and respond to questions your provider may have.  Be sure to write down any  instruction given and review your treatment plan with your provider.

Before ending your appointment, review your treatment plan, and discuss any  follow-up visits.